Web 2.0 and emergency preparedness

The  urThey grant (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation TIN2009-) is aimed at exploring the use of advanced web 2.0 tools to support emergency preparation in communities as wells as cooperation and communication during the response with a view at improving the real response capacities of citizens. On the one hand, current web 2.0 technologies can be used to support the generation of communities of practice (CoP) and interest about emergency preparation in which social learning occurs when people interact to reach a common goal. Moreover, serious social games can be used to support situated learning about emergency preparation by children. The project also supports research on co-design techniques to involve CoP and children (embodied narratives).

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Technologies for the collaboration

Laboratorio DEI has an agreement with groupVision to foster research in the use of technology to improve collaboration processes.Under this umbrella we develop research activities on visualization and interaction methods to improve collaboration and we also cooperate in different workshops and seminars on technology transfer.

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