Humanities and Computing

Humanities and Computing: Design Futures 2009-2011

We are in the process of creating an English publication with the best 'design futures' created by the students of Humanities and Computing over the last two years as a part of our teaching experiment in cultivating cultural competence for interaction design research. Stay tuned!

Here are some of their scenarios and blogs (in Spanish):

  • * E-dentity (Elvira García, Elia Bernal, Olga Izquierdo)
  • * 5 minutos en el balcón (Jaime Andrey Marin, Nathalie de Otto Dumas, Sofia Comas Olivan)
  • * Automed (Clara Palacios, Belén Sansegundo, Sonia Sierra, Sergio Villarrubia)
  • * Un día en la vida de X (David Hervias Gomez, Nuria Lopez Colom, Raul Lopez Saez, Estela Martinez Garrido)

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