14 September 2010
14 September 2010
07 June 2010
07 June 2010

List of Accepted papers VL/HCC 2010

Leganés-Madrid, Spain
21-25 September 2010

The list of accepted papers is also available as a PDF or as plain text.

Andrew Ko and Jacob Wobbrock. Cleanroom: Edit-Time Error Detection with the Uniqueness Heuristic (Full paper)

Mathew Mooty, Andrew Faulring, Jeffrey Stylos and Brad Myers. Calcite: Completing Code Completion for Constructors using Crowds (Full paper)

Jill Cao, Kyle Rector, Thomas Park, Scott Fleming, Margaret Burnett and Susan Wiedenbeck. A Debugging Perspective on End-User Mashup Programming (Full paper)

Weidong Huang, Peter Eades, Seokhee Hong and Chun-Cheng Lin. Improving Effectiveness of Graph Drawing Algorithms by Making Compromises between Aesthetics (Full paper)

Paul Gordon, Ken Barker and Christoph Sensen. Programming-by-example meets the Semantic Web: Using ontologies and Web Services to close the Semantic Gap (Full paper)

Michal Gordon and David Harel. Semantic Navigation Strategies for Scenario-Based Programming (Full paper)

Judith Good, Katherine Howland and Keiron Nicholson. Young people's descriptions of computational rules in role-playing games: an empirical study (Full paper)

Chris Chambers, Martin Erwig and Markus Luckey. SheetDiff: A Tool for Identifying Changes in Spreadsheets (Full paper)

Martin Erwig and Eric Walkingshaw. Causal Reasoning with Neuron Diagrams (Full paper)

Parmit K. Chilana, Andrew J. Ko and Jacob O. Wobbrock. Understanding Expressions of Unwanted Behaviors in Open Bug Reporting (Short paper)

Todd Kulesza, Simone Stumpf, Margaret Burnett, Weng-Keen Wong, Yann Riche, Travis Moore, Ian Oberst, Amber Shinsel and Kevin McIntosh. Conversational Debugging: Supporting End-User Debugging of Machine-Learned Programs (Full paper)

Nuno Amalio and Pierre Kelsen. Modular Design by Contract Visually and Formally using VCL (Full paper)

Mary Beth Rosson, Hansa Sinha and Tisha Edor. Design Planning in End-User Web Development: Gender, Feature Exploration and Feelings of Success (Full paper)

Elena Planas, Jordi Cabot, Cristina Gómez, Esther Guerra and Juan de Lara. Lightweight Executability Analysis of Graph Transformation Rules (Short paper)

Jácome Cunha, Martin Erwig and João Saraiva. Automatically Inferring ClassSheet Models from Spreadsheets (Full paper)

KYU HAN KOH, Ashok Basawapatna, Vicki Bennett and Alexander Repenning. Towards the Automatic Recognition of Computational Thinking (Full paper)

Daniel Eisenberg, Jeffrey Stylos, Andrew Faulring and Brad Myers. Using Association Metrics to Help Users Navigate API Documentation (Full paper)

Peter Rodgers, Gem Stapleton, John Howse and Leishi zhang. Euler Graph Transformations for Euler Diagram Layout (Full paper)

Paolo Bottoni, Esther Guerra and Juan de Lara. Towards a Formal Notion of Interaction Pattern (Short paper)

Nan Zang. Information Remix Patterns and Motivations of Everyday End-Users (Short paper)

Chris Chambers and Christopher Scaffidi. Struggling to Excel: A Field Study of Challenges Faced by Spreadsheet Users (Full paper)

Eunyoung Chung, Carlos Jensen, Koji Yatani, Victor Kuechler and Khai N. Truong. Drawing and sketching in Open Source design (Full paper)

Esther Guerra, Juan de Lara, Dimitrios Kolovos and Richard Paige. A Visual Specification Language for Model-to-Model Transformations (Full paper)

Rick Zhang, John Hosking, John Grundy, Nikolay Mehandjiev and Martin Carpenter. A suite of visual languages for supply chain specification and management (Short paper)

Michael Burch, Michael Fritz, Fabian Beck and Stephan Diehl. TimeSpiderTrees: A Novel Visual Metaphor for Dynamic Compound Graphs (Full paper)

Adam S. Carter and Christopher D. Hundhausen. How is User Interface Prototyping Really Done in Practice? A Survey of User Interface Designers (Short paper)

Scott Fleming, Eileen Kraemer, R. E. K. Stirewalt and Laura Dillon. Debugging Concurrent Software: The Importance of External Representations (Full paper)

Thomas Park and Susan Wiedenbeck. First Steps in Coding by Informal Web Developers (Short paper)

Christopher Bogart, Margaret Burnett, Scott Douglass, David Piorkowski and Amber Shinsel. Does my model work? Evaluation abstractions of cognitive modelers (Full paper)

Sandra Fan, Brian Johnson, Yun-en Liu, Tyler Robison, Rolfe Schmidt and Steven Tanimoto. Analyzing a Process of Collaborative Game Design Involving Online Tools (Short paper)

Peter Chapman and Gem Stapleton. Introducing Second-Order Spider Diagrams for Defining Regular Languages (Full paper)


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