Design Pattern: RF(2) Visual coding schema


A set of incoming alarms has been registered. Alarms have different priorities, they can be registered at different locations, and different elements can trigger them. Accordingly, the human operator would like to characterize these alarms in order to spot the most important ones for the current status of the controlled process.


The human operator needs to characterize the nature of alarm activations according to different dimensions in order to spot the most important ones


Use different visual properties to evoke a ready understanding of alarm activations. They should evoke a meaning and confirm that what is evoked is correct. Different visual properties can be used to convey significance and reinforce their meaning. These visual properties should be employed conservatively and consistently.

Known uses
Fig1. ASM-style visual coding schema
Fig2.ISA-style visual coding schema

A visual coding schema speeds up understanding and minimizes confusion (Bullemer, P., Reising, D. V., Burns, C., Hajdukiewicz, J., & Andrzejewski, J. (2008). In ASM (Ed.), ASM consortium guidelines. effective operator display design.)