I am a postdoc at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M, Spain). I received my PhD in CS from the same university, working with Ignacio Aedo and Paloma Díaz at the DEI Interactive Systems Laboratory. Previously, I received a M.Sc. in CS from Università Sapienza di Roma (Italy). At UC3M I work on research projects in the areas of end-user development and rapid prototyping of ubiquitous, sensor-based and tangible interaction.

My research addresses one question, that I approach from different perspectives: in a world that is constantly changing, how to empower end users with technological tools to design and build their own artifacts? The perspectives include understanding the role of users as designers, developing toolkits for the rapid prototyping of ubiquitous interaction, investiganting the intertwinings of the physical and the virtual world and exploring the use of novel interaction techniques in different contexts (e.g., cultural heritage).

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Explorations into opportunities, challenges and implications of the end-user development of ubiquitous, sensor-based and tangible interaction.

ECCE Toolkit (2014)

An EUD toolkit that allows to seamlessly manage interactions between heterogeneous networked devices without necessarily having to deal with low-level implementation details.

More details in the TEI2014 and AVI2014 publications.

Social Display (2013)

A workshop environment that empowers users with tools to create and share digital narratives associated with physical artifacts. The approach focuses on two main design choices: (1) physical embodiment, by having people directly interact with the physical objects we want to augment and, (2) situated social interactions, by offering the possibility to share personal ideas and comment on others, to collaboratively produce stories about augmented objects.

This project is developed within the EU FP7 project meSch. Its main objective is to understand the role of users as designers of digitally-augmented exhibits. More details in the AVI2014 publication.

TESIS (2011)

TESIS is a portable device for converting any surface into an interactive surface. TESIS was developed to overcome the limitations of current interactive tabletops: lack of portability and ad-hoc, flat surface displays.

Check the video presentation on youtube: long and short video. Also check Alan Dix's blogpost on the use of this technology to build a multi-touch table on the island of Tiree. A demo of this project was presented at the ITS2011 conference

Don't Touch Me (2010)

In this project I explored the use of Nintendo Wii Remote controller as a remote interface for interacting with map based applications in large displays environments. A prototype was developed that allows users to collaborative place multimodal annotations on a map: pictorials, auditives and haptics.

A video demonstration is available here. Further information can be found in the AVI2010 publication.

eStoryS (2010)

In this project I developed a new web mashup system for helping people and professionals to retrieve information about emergencies and disasters. The system exploits visual langauge metaphors and provides a combination of tools that demonstrated to be effective in emergency situations, such as spatio/temporal search features, recommendation and filtering tools, and storyboards.

More details in this JLVC paper.


Latest publications (2014)

For a full list of publications, please check out my Google Scholar or dblp profile.


University Courses

  • Interacción Persona-Ordenador en Sistemas Multimedia: Spring 2014
  • Computación Ubicua: Fall 2013
  • Multimedia (Lab.): Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013
  • Designing Interactive Systems (Lab.): Spring 2012, Spring 2013


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