MW-TELL Portal aims to improve Language Learning instruction by expanding the resources for teaching and learning in Vocational Education Training (VET). MW-TELL Portal intends to promote access to mobile-supported training services for the provision of on-demand Lifelong Language Learning, beyond time and place restrictions.


-Exploitation of tools that implement the state-of-the-art learning technologies specifications to deal with the special requirement of mobile-supported vocational training settings, facilitating the development and delivery of mobile training courses for English Language Learning. -Design of a set of reference mobile Training Strategies and Courses, as best practice examples for Technology-enhanced English Language Learning. -Set-up and maintenance of a European Portal Service for English Language Learning supported by wireless and mobile devices. -Transfer of know-how on this subject to interested parties.

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Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci Sectoral Programme (web site MWTell web site)

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