Mohammad Mahdi Dehshibi

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Assistant Professor
Office  11.2.18. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Getafe.

Mohammad Mahdi Dehshibi is an AQU Associate Professor with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. His areas of expertise include Deep Learning, Affective Computing, Complex Systems Modeling, and Unconventional Computing. In 2018, he began working as a postdoctoral researcher at UOC (Barcelona, Spain) to develop eXplainable AI models for use in affective computing and human well-being. In addition, he has collaborated on two EU-funded projects (FUNGAR and COgITOR) to create a tool for mathematical analysis of the complex electrical activity of mycelium and tree networks. In 2022, Mohammad joined UC3M (Madrid, Spain) as a senior machine learning researcher to work on the EU-funded BODYinTRANSIT project. He is also a visiting scholar at the Unconventional Computing Lab (UWE, Bristol) and a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Parallel, Emergent, and Distributed Systems.

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