UIA4Sige: Usability, Interoperability and Accessibility of Information Systems for Emergency Management

In addition, it is intended that these models and mechanisms can be implemented and integrated into an information system of existing management of emergencies, such as ARCE or SIGAME. In particular, the more relevant results intended are: - A language of patterns for SIGEs. - An ontology that allows the formalization of these SIGEs. - A frame of predictive evaluation and its implementation that allows us to make an iterative real process in the construction of a SIGE interface. - A formalization of the models used by two SIGEs and its transformation so that allows the interoperation between them. - A model of notification mechanism for vulnerable groups and their implementation and integration in a SIGE. - An information system that warns the population, and, particularly, the most vulnerable groups, of alert and emergency situations, and how to self-protect in these situations.


This project aims in general to the development of models and mechanisms that helps in the improvement of usability, interoperability and accessibility of information systems for emergencies management (SIGE).

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Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (TSI2007-60388)

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