EmerCien explores how technology can be used to increase substantive citizen contribution in EM processes. For a more active participation to be possible, organizations in charge of EM need to realize that involving citizens does not interfere with their protocols making them less efficient. On the other side of the coin, citizens need also to be substantively empowered to be capable of contributing to the decision making process.


emerCiEn (Emergency management and civic engagement) is a basic research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness that aims at deploying sociotechnical platforms that promote effective and reliable collaboration in Emergency Management (EM) among different stakeholders, including first responders, decision and policy makers, volunteers and citizens. Deploying technology for citizen participation in EM requires to understand the role citizens can play to work in partnership with governmental corps and agencies or even have delegated functions in any of the phases of EM.

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Investigation Area:

Visualization, collaboration

Funded by:

Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity (TIN2012-32782)

Started date:


Finished date:


Team members:
  • Paloma Díaz
    Principal investigator
  • Sergio Herranz
  • Teresa Onorati
  • Marco Romano
  • Rosa Romero-Gómez
  • Sara Tena