UrTHEY: Building Citizens Emergency Preparation and Response Capacity Through Web 2.0 Tools

On the one hand, current web 2.0 technologies can be used to support the generation of communities of practice and interest about emergency preparation in which social learning occurs when people interact to reach a common goal. Moreover, serious social games can be used to support situated learning about emergency preparation, specially oriented towards digital natives like children that for obvious reasons cannot participate in social networks nor share the experience they lack. We intend not only to deploy tools but to provide a conceptual framework based on the concept of meta-design, specializing the process model underlying meta-design and providing technical tools (including pattern-driven design, visual languages or semiotic engineering tools) to enhance the end-users participation in the design process. Moreover, assuming that design is a long-term activity which goes beyond development time, flexible prototypes that can be modified by end-users will be deployed in order to support creativity also at use time.


The main goal of this project is to explore the use of advanced web 2.0 tools to support emergency preparation in communities as wells as cooperation and communication during the response with a view at improving the real response capacities of citizens.

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Investigation Area:

Communities & Games
Web site

Funded by:

Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (TIN2009 09687)

Started date:


Finished date:


Team members:
  • Paloma Díaz
    Principal investigator
  • Ignacio Aedo
  • Diego Alvarado
  • David Díez
  • Elisa Giaccardi
  • Luca Lupo
  • Alessio Malizia
  • Pedro Paredes
  • Telmo Zarraonandia
  • Carlos González