Paloma Díaz

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Full professor
Office  2.2.A21. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Leganés.
Telephone 9456    e-mail

Dean of the Engineering School. Full professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Escuela Politécnica Superior) and head of the DEI research group. She holds a Degree in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Her research interests mainly focus on topics such as interaction design, ubiquitous computing and social computing and their practical application to different kinds of interactive systems including e-learning, digital culture, civic engagement and participation and crisis informatics. She was, 2004-2007, Director of the Computer Science Doctorate Programme and of the Master in Computer Science and Technology (Universidad Calos III de Madrid) both holding a Quality mention from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and Scientific Manager of National Programme of I+D for Technology for Services of Information Society (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation).

She is currently Director of the Digital Living Academic Unit at UC3M.

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Twitter: @MpalomaD