Teresa Onorati

Personal info

Associate Professor
Office  2.2.B21. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Leganes.
Telephone 916249499    e-mail tonorati@inf.uc3m.es

Postdoc at the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where she received her PhD in Computer Science modelling the semantics of several knowledge domains for improving the accessibility of critical information. She holds a B.Sc. and a M. Sc. in Computer Science from La Sapienza Università di Roma. As a member of the DEI Interactive Systems Research Group in UC3M, she is involved in several research projects about the role of technology for improving citizen collaboration and participation in critical situations. During a research stay at INRIA - Saclay center in Paris, she had the possibility to participate at a visual analytics project interacting with a ultra-wall display. Her research interests focus on semantic modelling, visual analytics and information visualization for supporting a better understanding of how information and people’s sentiments propagate within a complex data ecosystem. For more information, check her personal website.