EMERGENSYS aims to implement a management platform that integrates effectively a mobile application (Integrated System for Mobile Crisis Management Complex) with an automated emergency management System (EMS) to improve the quality and speed of response to different operating complex crises. It also will include an ENS (Emergency Notification System) to allow the reception of emergency alerts in mobile terminals from any of the agencies involved in managing them. It is, therefore, a two-way alert system as it can be generated by a user who is present at the point of interest and managed by a emergency management center (112 or 911) that alerts so emergency units as other civilians within a certain radius to avoid the affected area.


The aim of the EmergenSys project is to improve the communication between emergency operators and common citizens as part of the emergency response.
This project is funded by (Project number IPT-2011-1532-430000):

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Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity (IPT-2011-1532-430000) with Planet Media and Collaborative.

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